Nightlife in Australia

Australia Tourism provides complete information on Nightlife in Australia, which includes Bars, Restaurants Australia, Cinemas in addition to other leisure activities in Canberra.

Being one of the top destinations for migrants from countries like India, China, Korea, South Africa, and having a significant population from Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, and other European nations because of immigration in the eighteenth century, Australia has been one of the most fascinating places in the history of the world. Having worked towards and created a booming economy and one of the most industrialised, advanced and developed nations in the world, Australia has attracted people from all over the world not only as a place for holidaying at but also for studying, expanding business and for working exciting jobs that pay far higher than in the developing nations.

There’s much to do in Australia and one could pick and choose according to one’s liking. All cities in Australia have different personalities and something worthwhile, enjoyable, memorable and different to offer. But if you were wondering how to make the best out of the nightlife in Australia, then here is an itinerary for you.

If you were in Sydney, for instance, then one of the most highly recommended places in town would be the 25th Floor Cocktail bar. Elegant, classy and stylish, the 25th Floor Cocktail bar in Sydney is where the hip and the happening crowd of Sydney conglomerate to enjoy a glass of tasteful cocktail made by the best of bartenders. It has an archaic ambience and added to that the view from the 25th floor of the building is spectacular and gives it an especially enchanting feel. It is located just a stone’s throw away from King’s cross.

However, if you went to Brisbane, the Australian nightlife would have a different feel there. Let’s say you were to spend some time at Dicey Riley’s in Brisbane, it would give you a glimpse of the Irish cultures in Australia. Set to some soothing Irish music, you could enjoy not just a wide range of multicultural drinks but also an exciting range of delicacies from around the world. It’s built with carefulness to retain a traditional and calming ambience to make you feel like you have gone back in time.

Now if you wanted to step things up just a couple more notches, then, also in Brisbane in the Treasury Casino, where in addition to the multitude of money games that would include gambling laid out for you, it would truly give you a sense of the more adventurous side of nightlife in Australia. The casino houses many bars and restaurants that serve food from across the globe.

Things in Canberra are just as exciting. Academy is one of the most well known and often visited places for good music, sumptuous food, and myriad range of drinks. There are days when they would announce theme parties and bands playing live music. The dance area provides for the perfect setting for all dance enthusiasts who want to dance all of their worries away.

There’s more than just drinking and dancing, as you can see, in Australian nightlife, even though their culture is known to be more debauched than others. There’s an element of class and elegance that’s associated with it that makes it all the more spectacular.