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A visit to the Whitsundays surrounded by natural beauty.

Stay on one of the magnificent Whitsunday Islands Great Barrier Reef resorts, White Haven beach, Heart Reef, Whitsunday great walk, Wildlife park.

The Whitsunday Island is located off the coast of Central Queensland and is the largest island of the Whitsunday group of islands. This island was named as Whitsunday by the famed explorer Captain James Cook during the year of 1770 in June and has remained so. This island is well known for the immense beauty that is possessed and is a well-known tourist destination in Australia.

The beauty that the place exhibits are truly great and some of the must-visit places when in Whitsunday are:

The Great Barrier reef- this is probably one of the best places on earth in terms of marine beauty. The widespread coral reef of this place is so immense that it can be even be spotted from outer space. The sparkling blue waters that one can see through are a great advantage when it comes to activities such as snorkelling and scuba diving. Scuba diving and snorkelling are two must-do activities when here. These two activities offer you a first-hand experience of exploring the marine treasures that lay here. The corals that are here are said to be the worlds most extensive and beautiful ones with minimal damage done to them by the ever-growing, urbanizing world. One can even spot a variety of marine creatures here and sometimes you might even spot a whale.

White Haven beach- this beach is one of the longest and largest beaches of the island. However, it is not just the size of the beach that has made it a popular place the beauty that this particular beach exhibit is immaculate. The crystal clear waters and the almost snow-white sand that make up this beach is what draws scores of tourists to it. this beach looks as if it was painted from an artists imagination for the immaculate beauty possessed by it almost seems surreal.

Heart Reef- this is one of the must-see places of Whitsunday Island. A spectacular view of this reef is best seen from onboard a helicopter. The beauty that the place holds is stunning and will make it to your list of the most beautiful places on earth. A visit to this place is highly recommended especially a flight over it.

Whitsunday great walk- the awesome sceneries that you come across on the walking trails of the island are spectacular and will capture your imagination. The rainforest of the island is filled with a great variety of flora and provide you with an ultimate tropical experience as you embark on your great walk into them. This is a must-try activity when in the Whitsunday islands.

Wildlife park- Australia is famed for its untamed outback and its inhabitants. In this particular wildlife park you will get to see the world’s most adorable creature that Australia is so famous for i.e. the Koala bear. Apart from the Koala, there are many other animals here and the best part is that there is a ranger here who gives you a guided tour of the place. All in this entire place is a great one to visit especially for animal lovers. When here do not forget to take a picture with the adorable Koala bears.

Whitsunday Tourism has kept the island in a class condition and is really helpful if you ever need any help. A visit to this place of beauty is a must when in Australia so do visit it for if you miss out on it you are missing out on a lot.