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The city of Sydney is the capital of the New South Wales state in Australia and is located on the southeastern coast of the country. The city of Sydney is one of the most famed cities of the country due to a number of major attractions that dot the city. This is also the place that the Europeans first settled down in. The city is one of the most well developed and urbanized centers of the country however the natural beauty that surrounds the place is still intact. Established on the hills that surround the Port Jackson this city is a great one to visit.

Though the city is well urbanized it is surrounded with troves of natural beauty such as national parks, bays, harbours, rivers beaches etc. The city is also home to the famous Opera house and Sydney Harbor Bridge which are iconic figures that are symbolic of Australia. Some of the must-see places while taking Sydney tours are:-

Sydney Opera house– This iconic building of Sydney in Australia gives the city an identity that is recognized by the whole world. Located at Bennelong Point in the Sydney Harbor this marvel of architecture has been declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The Opera house is known for the high number of performing arts that is staged and attended. The building is a large one and is an architectural marvel that will make you drop your jaws with awe.

The Sydney Harbor Bridge- nicknamed as the coat hanger in respect to its arched shape this too is an iconic structure synonymous of Australia. The formal inauguration of the bridge was done during the year of 1932 in the month of March on the 19th day. This iconic structure stands over Port Jackson and the view from this bridge of the Sydney Opera House, Sydney harbour is breathtaking. The bridge also holds the record of being the world’s widest long-span bridge. To walk or drive along this record-holding bridge is a matter of pride.

Beaches- the beaches of Sydney are among the country’s most well-known beaches. The beaches here are clean and pristine making them great spots to leisure around in. Two of Australia’s most well-known beaches i.e. Bondi beach and Manly beach adorn the shores of Sydney. The Bondi beach is situated at a distance of about 7 kilometres from the Sydney central business district whereas the Manly beach is situated on the northern part of the city. The beauty and water-related activities that envelope the beaches are truly awesome. One of the most famed water-related sports that are available on these beaches is surfing. You too can enjoy the adrenaline rush of surfing here by simply renting out a surfboard.

Royal Botanic gardens- this is one of the most popular botanical gardens of the city and is located towards the eastern side of the Sydney opera house. The garden is host to a large diversity of plants and is truly a plant lover heaven. A visit to this park will introduce to wonderful species of flowers and plants that you might never have seen before. Also, there is no charge to visit the gardens.

There are many other places that make-up Sydney tourism such as Hyde Park, Mount Annan botanic garden etc. Visit the iconic city of Sydney and take away memories that will stand out as the iconic buildings of the city.